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Fantasy For Her – Sensual Pump-Her

Price: $39.990000 | Brand: Pipedream
The Fantasy for Her – Sensual Pump-Her is a complete clitoral and vaginal pump with vibrting sensations.   Sensual Pump-Her is a bigger pump to fit the whole vaginal area for full pumping sensation. It also has little pleasure bumps to tantilize you all over. Pumps are designed to pump up the vagina lips and clitoris to enhance pleasure.   Detachable Vibrating Bullet so you can use it by itself or leave it attached to the pump and let the vibrating sensations flow through your body. The bullet is easy to use with a single click of the control button.   Easy to Use Pump with Quick Release the bulb pump is similar to a medical style hand pump so you can use it simply with just one hand. There is also a quick release button to let the air out quickly and easily if you require.   Easy to clean with toy cleaner and water, then store in a clean dry toy draw for the next play time Fantasy for Her – Sensual Pump-Her is a full pump with vibrating action and tingling little pleasure bumps to entice you a little more.   Sensual Pump-Her  Detachable Vibrating Bullet  Easy to Use Pump with Quick Air Release

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