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Fantasy X-tensions Perfect 3″ Extention Flesh

Price: $43.990000 | Brand: Pipedream
Whether you’re trying to satisfy a partner or satisfy yourself, this sturdy penis extension is ready to do the job. Fulfill fantasies about larger erections, firmer shafts and deep reaching penetration without resorting to expensive and painful procedures or strange remedies. An easy and practical way to enhance erections, the Fantasy X-Tension is perfect for men with erectile disfunction, performance problems, or fulfilling wild dreams and dirty fantasies. Made with Fanta Flesh lifelike skin, it feels amazing for the receiver and for the wearer.  Your partner will love the full-on ride of the 3” extension and the thick shaft that adds a massive 33% to your girth. You’ll love the stretchy but snug feel inside the extension, designed to help you last longer. The bonus is that the X-Tension is adjustable and it’s a breeze to clean. Toy cleaner is included, and works wonders with some warm water. To adjust this great sleeve, simple measure it up for a comfortable fit according to you size and then trim off the excess Fanta Flesh until your happy with your new extended erection.You’ll never disappoint a partner, or yourself, with this incredible extension that adds both length and girth to your erection. Be all the man you can be with this great feeling sleeve.

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