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Fetish Fantasy – Alligator Nipple Clamps

Price: $14.490000 | Brand: Fetish Fantasy Series
Take your kinky adventures to the next level with these alligator nipple clamps. Fully Adjustable, they provide a firm squeeze that’s best enjoyed by all BDSM enthusiasts. Adjustable screws enable seamless domination over tension levels. Once the clamps are in place, try tightening the pins little by little to slowly increase the intensity. The PVC Coated Clamps on these nipple clamps are highly adjustable, allowing you to apply just the right amount of scintillating pain to your naughty little sub and then locking it at that level, for that fine line between pleasure and pain. The rubber coating on the ends of the clamp ensures that the nipples feel the pinch of the clamp without cutting into the skin. The PVC coated ergonomic finger-pads make removal fast and simple. The Gorgeous Silver Chain turns the nipple clamps into a piece of lovely jewelry like embellishment when worn as part of a sexy outfit. Take your BDSM play to greater heights with gentle tugs on the chain, or for more adventurous users you can add weights to the chain for increased intensity and pleasure. For extra impact, you can use the chain to pull your lover towards you.Tease and please with these alligator nipple clamps. Offering a firm grip for a satisfying sensation, each metal clamp features 2 pinchers covered with supple rubber liners for increased intensity and pleasure. Place each clamp on a nipple, adjusting the screw pin to set the perfect amount of tension to provide exquisite pinching pleasure with a little hint of exquisite pain. Enhance the experience further by gently pulling on the adjoining chain. The removal of the clamps will trigger a rush of delightful warmth as your blood flows back into each tingling nipple. When you release the nipple clamps your nipples will feel pert and ultra-sensitive to subsequent touches. Adjustable nipple clamps for sensational nipple arousal PVC coated tips soften sensation The metal chain adds weight for more intense stimulation

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