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Fetish Fantasy – Bed Bindings Restraint Kit

Price: $53.490000 | Brand: Fetish Fantasy Series
Since the launch of 50 Shades of Grey books and movie, everyone is now talking about BDSM. The Fetish Fantasy – Bed Bindings Restraint Kit is a great beginner bindings system. The kit is value for money as it is excellent quality to ensure plenty of staying power for the submissive person in your life or if you want to further explore bondage. This restraint device will fit under beds up to Queen size and as it doesn’t require a headboard or bedposts for use, it is suitable for just about every bed. Included in the kit is also a blindfold to really enhance the pleasure of bondage scenarios. Use your imagination; this restraint device can be used with the person on their back or stomach with some carefully placed pillows for an all access pass. Make sure you have you Safe Word in place – things could get hot and heavy very quickly. If you are new to bondage or BDSM it is recommended that you read our blog on beginner BDSM. If you’re seasoned in BDSM, or if you’d like to take it further, don’t forget to grab yourself a ball gag and nipple clamps and a special toy for some extra tingling fun!If you’re looking to spice up the bedroom a la Mr Grey style, then the Fetish Fantasy – Bed Bindings Restraint Kit will just do that! This is a firm favourite of Mr Jenifer’s and myself as it has no keys you have to worry about and has strong Velcro bindings so it wont snap open at the wrong time. Soft on the wrists and ankles, the satin-lined cuffs will ensure that there is little to no marks from pulling. After use, the restraint system can be tucked securely under the mattress ready for quick access again. I recommend grabbing your favourite person, your binding and toys and really let those inhibitions fly, or let them explore you!

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