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Fetish Fantasy – Cat O Nine Tails

Price: $7.990000 | Brand: Fetish Fantasy Series
Bondage can mean so many different things to different people. From the extreme of being a Dominatrix and Submissive to simply having a little provocative action in the bedroom. Pure Leather no imitation here, just beautifully crafted leather that is soft and supple. This doesn’t mean that it will feel soft against your body as it is up to you and your limits on how you want it to be used. Have a light caress against the body for that super sensory feeling to the full whip which can deliver a surprising sting. The Handle is a perfect length at 23cm this provides ample movement for flicking and whipping. Cat O Nine Tails is the name but there are 16 soft leather tails for that sweet sting or the seductive tease. The tails are nice and long at 28cm in length. Whether you are into full BDSM and love to have your Dom completely have control over your pleasure and your pain to the levels that you like. (Don’t foget your safe word) or if you would like to try adding a bit more spice in the bedroom this Fetish Fantasy Cat O Nine Tails is fun for everyone. As with all leather you do have to care for it, especially if you get any lubes or other fluids on it. Make sure you give it a good wipe down after each use. You can either keep it stored in your toy chest/draw or have it hanging by the wrist strap ready for when you want the action to start. Fetish Fantasy – Cat O Nine Tails is a whip for anyone keen to get a little kinky in the bedroom or dungeon. Leather Great Sized Handle Delicate Tails

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