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Fetish Fantasy Gold – Nipple Clamps

Price: $19.990000 | Brand: Pipedream
Lush, luxurious, and titillating, the Fetish Fantasy Gold Chain Nipple Clamps are ideal for those seeking some extravagantly naughty delights.  Part of a range of premium fetish must-have items, these glamourous nipple clamps are a pleasure for the eyes and the body. Bring a touch of bling to your sexiest adventures. Use them for some naughty play, or as part of larger ensembles – creating your ideal fantasy look and feel. Eager lovers will perk up with pleasure while using these clamps. Made with durable metal, the clamp ends are covered with a comfortable and body-safe rubber lining – so you can wear these sexy accessories for the whole night. Don’t worry that they’re too comfortable though, as both clamps come with the ability to adjust the pressure and feel while being worn. You can use these clamps for show and for naughty fantasies! The gold chain linking the clamps provides just enough weight and movement to stimulate sensitive nipples. These sensations are an added bonus, a hot treat that comes with a hot look.Spare us the gold rings, pass the gold clamps instead. These shinny and sexy nipple clamps will drive you both wild. Perfect for the playful couple looking for a bold, divine looking addition to their bondage collection.

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