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Fetish Fantasy Gold – Vibrating Cockring

Price: $24.990000 | Brand: Pipedream
It doesn’t matter if you just want to use a cock ring for a little extra fun or if you need a little extra assistance to keep it up a bit longer, cock rings can introduce more pleasure to your sex life. Black Textured Cock Ring made from phthalate and latex free stretchy plastic. You need the stretch so that what-ever size you are you can stretch the cock ring around your penis. The textured cock ring provides the firmness you want once it is on your cock with extra texture for both you are your partner. Gold Bullet is inserted into the top of the cock ring and has a simple one button easy to use control. The gold bullet has 3 different levels of vibrations from low to high for you to select from. You can also take the bullet out of the cock ring if you choose to and play with the bullet separately. Showerproof just make sure that the battery compartment of the bullet is closed nice and tight and inserted into the vibrating cock ring snuggly. Having fun in the shower together can provide and more intimate closeness that you will appreciate. Be careful of any pubic hair as you really don’t want to get any of that stuck in the cock ring, it can be quite nasty when those hairs are pulled. Using a bit of water based lubricant can assist with placing the cock ring in place. The first time can be tricky but once you perfect it you will be an ace at putting in on whenever you want.Fetish Fantasy Gold – Vibrating Cock Ring Cock Rings are designed to increase pleasure for both partners whilst having sex and to assist in endurance for the wearer to keep an erection for that bit longer increasing both of your enjoyment. Black Textured Cock Ring Gold Bullet Showerproof

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