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Fetish Fantasy Grey – Black Glass Ben Wa Balls (Small)

Price: $22.990000 | Brand: Pipedream
Improve your pelvic muscles by inserting one or two of the ben wa balls and squeeze to hold them inside.  Regular practice proves to improve your muscle control and enhance your sexual experience with stronger orgasms.  The smaller sized the balls, the stronger your muscles will be to keep them inside. Each Package Contains 2 Black Glass Ben-Wa Balls.  You can start off with inserting one ben wa ball.  Once you are comfortable with using one, then insert the second and feel them jiggle around inside to create a gentle amount of stimulation.  Then try walking around, jumping up and down and then squatting.  Can you master the ben wa balls. Borosillicate Glass has so many benefits.  Not only is it tough glass and is resistant to shattering when dropped, it is hygienic being non-porous.  But wait, there is another benefit from using this type of glass for ben wa balls, you can heat them up or cool them down to experience temperate play.  Feel the calming warmth from running the balls under warm water or the thrill of some chill from some cool water.  And there’s more…. you can clean them in the dishwasher! Exercise has never been so fun and discrete! Take control over your vagina muscles and make them work.  With kegel exercises you can achieve a strong pelvic floor which leads to better orgasms.  2 independent glass balls Temperature play – made of borosillicate glass

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