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Fetish Fantasy Grey – First Time Fantasy Kit

Price: $25.990000 | Brand: Pipedream
Want to mix up the romance and sex life in the bedroom and don’t know where to start, a simply fantasy kit is perfect for you. Feather Ticklers are you to tease and please your lover. You can start with just teasing playing and the feather by running the tickler all over your partner’s body slowly and seductively. Giving them goose bumps all over is very pleasing and arousing. Eye Mask to take away one of their senses, it’s called sensory deprivation and it really can be an incredible sexual fantasy. With your eyes and sensors taken away from you and you are at the call of your partner they can lick, tickle, kiss or whatever they want to you without you knowing where they are going to go next. Breathable Ball Gag as it’s breathable it makes it a lot more pleasurable especially for the newbie. Ball gags are so that the submissive partner is quite and/or can bite down if they need to during the throws of pleasure. Rope Whip start slowly if this is your first time you don’t want to get hurt or be hurting someone. Warm the area up first with your hand and softly smack them with the whip and work up to a comfortable level. If you want you can go further but it can take time for both partners to be ok with the same level. Just be patient and enjoy yourselves. Romance Dice something a little fun it assists in telling you what to do next. It gives you seductive ideas and tips, but remember your imagination is the best tool for making kinky fun happen in the bedroom.  Fetish Fantasy – First Time Fantasy Kit – The ideal kit for the beginner/novice Feather Tickler Eye Mask Breathable Ball Gag Rope Whip Romance Dice

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