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Fetish Fantasy Grey – Metal Handcuffs

Price: $9.990000 | Brand: Pipedream
These classic silver toned metal handcuffs belong with every bondage kit.  Use them to heighten your senses by anticipating your partner’s next move.  Feel the rush of being restrained and at your partner’s mercy.  These cuffs are also great to couple with a costume party or a hen’s night out. Metal means business.  Have you moved on from the furry cute cuffs and want something a bit more serious bondage looking.  Then these cuffs will look that part. Adjusts Easily around the wrists with its easy slide lever, you will also be as comfortable and restrained as tightly as you wish.  It is up to you how tight you’d like them against your skin.  Leave them loose just for the effect or have them tight to remind you who’s in control of the situation.  2 Keys are included to unlock the prisoner.  You can separate the keys and keep on aside as a spare just in case one slips under the bed and you can’t find it.  Otherwise, even if you Loose both Keys, there is a quick release that will save the day.  So, open your mind and delve into some BDSM play with these handcuffs to get your bondage kit collection started.  Only a few pieces of bondage gear can really liven up a sexual encounter.  With all the safety features and back up keys and the quick release, you are confident that your play will end in pleasure and satisfaction. Feel the metal against your skin and awaken your bondage fantasies with these classic metal handcuffs.  Easy to operate and a must have for every bondage collection, metal handcuffs are something you can indulge in with role play and fantasies. Classic silver tone of metal Easily adjusted to fit 2 x keys provided A quick release

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