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Fetish Fantasy Grey – Super Suckers Trio

Price: $36.490000 | Brand: Pipedream
If you have lovely nipples and a horny clitoris that loved to be played with, sucked and licked add to this pleasure by plumping them up with a super sucker. Super Sucker Trio provides super suction action to your happy erogenous zones by increasing the blood flow and increasing your sensitivity for your nips and clit. Easy to use – Nipples – Place over the nipple to make sure you have a nice and flush against your soft sensual skin. Once flush then apply a little pressure to make sure you have a nice tight seal. Once you have this you then start twisting the suction dials until you reach the desired level of suction. Easy to use – Clitoris – this super sucker is a little bit bigger than the nipple suckers, just pop the smooth cylinder over the clitoral area and make sure you have it placed in the perfect place and slowly twist the sucker. Once you have all three suckers twisted and tight you can let them loose and your nipples and your clitoris will be perky and popping out ready and willing to be played with. They will be more sensitive and eager than ever before. Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition – Super Sucker Trio for nipple and clitoris sucker pleasure. Super Sucker Trio Easy to use – Nipples Easy to use – Clitoris

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