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Fetish Fantasy – Silk Rope Hogtie

Price: $13.990000 | Brand: Fetish Fantasy Series
Achieve the Perfect Hog-Tie and firmly secure your lover in a classic hogtie position with this silk rope ankle and wrist restraint. It is a quintessential toy for bondage beginners as well as hardcore fans of kinky rope play. Experimenting with ropes can be daunting for some, but this silk hogtie is the ultimate toy for enhancing your fetish games and provides a risk free way to explore with more complex bondage positions. This product’s unique design allows for quick removal if the need arises. You can easily add some erotic restraint to your soft bondage exploration, using this very cool looking bondage tie. The pre-knotted and no buckle design will allow your restraint play to be straightforward and spontaneous. The ready to use and easy to wear design will ensure that you have many hours of soft bondage fun with your lover. For Those Looking for a Discreet and Easy To Use restraint that enables you to quickly secure your subservient, this handy hog-tie restraint is always ready to use. The material is strong enough to be used for a frisky sub that needs to be restrained and spanked. Being pre-knotted it can be placed in a small bag and easily whipped out for those moments when you need to take control. The Silky Weave Material makes this hogtie very comfortable to wear and perfect for extended bondage play. Both the ankle and wrist cuffs are adjustable, ensuring a fantastic fit for anyone. Another great feature is it is also easy release your sub, if the need arises, this can be beneficial. The silky material is smooth and sensual and is much less likely to leave any bruises or markings on the skin, which is a definite bonus.The wonderful silk rope hogtie means you can now explore the ancient art of Japanese rope bondage. Being a pre-assembled device the Japanese styled silk rope hogtie will make securing your lover for kinky bondage play so very simple – you just slip the soft cuffs over your playmates ankles and wrists, and then adjust the tightness to your satisfaction. Discover the benefits of using a perfectly made silken rope hogtie Comes pre-knotted so great for beginners Sturdy enough for bondage enthusiasts Extra-wide, lustrous silky material that is comfortable

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