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Fifty Nights of Naughtiness – Game

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Sex is not only pleasurable but a lot of fun. We can add so many variances to the act like including toys and dressing up in beautiful lingerie or maybe something a little more wildly like being a naughty nurse, so why not add sex games to the mix as well. Games are a great way for us to loosen up and enjoy every aspect of sex and our partners. Games can also heat up already hot passion that is happening between the sheets or anywhere else you like to have some fun. You may learn more amount your lover by playing some seductive and playful games. Fifty Nights of Naughtiness will bring some real sizzle and fun into your sex life. It is naughty and it is romantic so it is the best of both. In the box you receive 10 sexy secret envelopes with five different levels of play from pure white to kinky black. You won’t know what you will find in your envelope until you open it. Make it a pleasurable rule that no matter what it says you both do it. Let yourselves go free and live the passion. To play the game you roll the dice and whatever shade comes up is the envelope you open. Your night may have started off vanilla but end up being scarlet, how much fun and exciting is that?! The adventures that await you may be a sensuous situation, naughty adventure or an exotic and erotic thrill. Instead of going out for date night why not spend the night in or grab a hotel room take the game and a few extra toys and plan for a night of wicked fun. Get ready for some heavy and hot passion.            Let the fun and games begin. Fifty night of naughty pleasure Great if you are wanting to spice up your sex life Perfect from the adventures couples to the new ‘Can’t keep my hand off you’ couple From sensual to seductive

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