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Fifty Shades Freed – All Sensations Nipple & Clitoral Chain

Price: $39.990000 | Brand: Fifty Shades of Grey
Have you ever thought about the delightful pleasures of having some attractive jewellery adorning your body, this is a lovely set to enjoy. Nipple and Clitoral Chain made from Nickel free metal with seductive dangling ball designs that play against your body to provide you with tantilizing pleasure and also provide the sedective allure for your lover. No need to go through the painful task of piercing your body with the All Sensation chain. The nipple clasps are adjustable to provide the perfect level of pressure/pain/arousal to your nipples with silicone ends to make sure that they are still comfortable. Make your nipples stand proud and loud and ready to be licked and tickled. The clitoral chain will make you feel something a little different with the chain and attachments draping over your lips and clit. The tingling that will shudder through your body will have you in the mood in no time. Add a little licking and you will be all set for a night of passion. Fifty Shades Freed – All Sensations – Nipple and Clitoral Chain is a fun and delightful jewellery sensation that you don’t have to be pierced to enjoy. Nipple and Clitoral Chain

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