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Fifty Shades of Grey – Again and Again – Adjustable Love Ring

Price: $19.990000 | Brand: Fifty Shades of Grey
Each individually designed adult toy in the Fifty Shades ranges has been approved by author E.L. James. One has to think if she really knew what kind of phenomenon should arise in couples and singles everywhere with her novels, it was a sexual awakening for some! Lasso Cock Ring as with all cock rings they are designed to enhance your sexual pleasures and increase the erection and delaying male climax. This is by slowing down the speed of blood that flows through the penis and as such the hard-on should stay hard for longer and this evolves to a longer sex session. The lasso cock ring is made from silicone and whilst it is firm it is also soft. The firmness that you require to make sure you have the tight cock ring around your penis with the softness needed to make it pleasurable.  The lasso style is like a pulling up a tie, nice and easy. For the best and most enjoyable pleasure use a little water based lube and watch out for any hair down there as pinching that in the lasso or any other cock ring can be very uncomfortable. Fifty Shades of Grey – The Weekend Collection – Again and Again – Adjustable Love Ring For something a little different in the cock ring department of adult toys is the lasso style, something different to play different in the bedroom. Lasso Cock Ring

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