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Fleshjack Boys – Boomer Banks (Sonic Boom)

Price: $113.990000 | Brand: Fleshlight
Love your tattoo hot spunks then Fleshjack Boys – Boomer Banks Sonic Boom Ass Masturbator is right up your or should we say his ally. Fleshjack Boys Masturbator are designed for ease of use so that you can grab your pearl blue masturbator and go for broke. Boomer Banks with his bad boy looks and insane tattoos like his courage tatt that goes across his waist, you don’t have to wonder why they molded his arse and made into the Sonic Boom. Textured Sonic Boom Ass Tunnel this one isn’t for the faint hearted as the Sonic Boom texture has lots of tight swirls, bumps, lumps and indents that it’s designed to let you go BOOM in no time. SuperSkin Material looks like skin, feels like skin and snugs your cock like skin.Fleshjack Boys – Boomer Banks Sonic Boom Ass Masturbator. Fleshjack Boys Masturbator Boomer Banks Textured Sonic Boom Ass Tunnel SuperSkin Material

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