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Fleshjack Boys – Levi Karter (Explosive)

Price: $113.990000 | Brand: Fleshlight
Fleshjack Boys – Levi Karter the Explosive Ass tunnel experience. Fleshjack Boys Masturbator with the pearl blue casing for the tunnel and easy grasp features you will find the Fleshjack just what your hand was missing. Levi Karter with his almost signature R tattoo on his chest – R = Rihanna, he’s a big fan obviously. This little guy standing at only 5’25” has all the smouldering looks required to get me or you wanting more. Textured Tunnel is a unique one just for Levi Karter fans, with the long bumping ride in the beginning to the extended textured chambers in the middle and towards his end. Feel the tightness as you slide in and the fullness once you have completely entered. SuperSkin Material looks like skin, feels like skin and snugs your cock like skin.Fleshjack Boys – Levi Karter Ass Mastubator with Explosive textured tunnel. Fleshjack Boys Masturbator Levi Karter Textured Tunnel SuperSkin Material

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