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Fleshjack Boys – Milan Christopher (King)

Price: $113.990000 | Brand: Fleshlight
Fleshjack Boys – Milan Christopher is a black god or at least he is a black king and his arse is awaiting a pounding. Fleshjack Boys Masturbator is a little different than the other Fleshjack boys as it should, for a King like Milan Christopher. The casing is pure gold in colour, just like him and you still receive the easy to grasp shape which is well known. Milan Christopher is one with many talents, from his music to his modelling and you can see why the modelling world love him, especially with those pearl white teeth and spunky smile. Textured Tunnel starting with the smooth feeling of the ass and slowly spending some time on the hole then you dig deep inside and you will find different levels of stimulation with lots of different textures from the tight beginning all the way through. Feel the ridges, the dips, the bumps of pleasure.   SuperSkin Material looks like skin, feels like skin and snugs your cock like skin.Fleshjack Boys – Milan Christopher King Ass Mastubator for those of us who love the black boys butt. Fleshjack Boys Masturbator Milan Christopher Textured Tunnel SuperSkin Material

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