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Fleshlight Girls – Asa Akira – Signature Ass (Asahole)

Price: $113.990000 | Brand: Fleshlight
Did they break the mold with Fleshlight Girls -Asa Akira (Asahole) masturbation sleeve, well you’re going to have to dive in and find out. Fleshlight Girls allow you to live out your wildest dreams with your favourite porn stars, be it either pussy or ass they have what you need. Asa Akira the Asian American ex dominatrix and stripper turned horny porn star at the tender age of 20 with her first scene being girl on girl. But it didn’t take long for her fans and Asa to want to heat things up a little with boy-girl scenes as well.    Signature Asahole Masturbation Sleeve on first inspection of her little ass hole you will understand the reason they have called this texture the Asahole textured sleeve. So perfect and little is the entrance hole for Asa that you will want to run your finger around it first being starting to pound that arse with your big hard-on. First its tight, then slides into a ringed chamber of secrets then a little space before heading into a tight wall of bumps SuperSkin Material very close to feeling and looking like real skin with the perfect texture and colour of each Fleshlight Girl as it was molded directly from their lovely bodies.Fleshlight Girls – Asa Akira (Asahole) Fleshlight Girls Asa Akira Signature Asahole Ass Masturbation Sleeve SuperSkin Material

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