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Fleshlight Girls – Ella Hughes – Signature Vagina (Candy)

Price: $113.990000 | Brand: Fleshlight
Fleshlight Girls – Ella Hughes – Signature Vagina (Candy) has firey long hair and a firey desire in bed.   Fleshlight Girls allow you to live out your wildest dreams with your favourite porn stars, be it either pussy or ass they have what you need. Ella Hughes was studing law and stuggling with working and studying and decided to start modeling, this led to someone asking her to do a porn scene. She did and loved it and had to think about her next move. Her professor found out about her movie and they told her law and porn don’t mix – that law is a degree for respectable people and she might not be seen that way with my profile online as a porn star. She had to decide whether she wanted to stay or not. She chose porn and aren’t we glad that she did! Signature Vagina (Candy) Masturbation Sleeve the name sums it up a little, bring us your candy Ella and let us play with it. Molded directly from Ella, the tight entry is only the tasty beginning to the textured tunnel which has grooves and bumps all the way along to provide the full sensations required in a masturbation sleeve.  SuperSkin Material feels great against your skiin, so close to the real feel on natural skin Fleshlight Girls – Ella Hughes – Signature Vagina (Candy) brings you some hot candy with her very own masturbation sleeve.  Fleshlight Girls Ella Hughes Signature Vagina (Candy) Masturbation Sleeve SuperSkin Material

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