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Fleshlight – Pink Butt (Destroya)

Price: $97.990000 | Brand: Fleshlight
You know when you want to have a really tight ass to slide your cock into and when there isn’t one available, you grab your Fleshlight – Pink Butt (Destroya).  Fleshlight is the name know to most men as being the best masturbation sleeves available.  Pink Butt (Destroya) is a tight tight butt hole with snuggle butt cheeks right next to it, so that your cock and balls feels it all. Onnce you slide yourself in, wait for the surprise of the fully textured tunnel with rings, bumps and glides all the way through.  Super Skin Material feels like skin even when you know it’s not.  Sizing Canal Diameter 1.27cm – Length 25.4cm – Diameter 10.16cm – 6.35cm    Fleshlight – Pink Butt (Destroya) is for the man that loves a tight entrance and a whole lot of tunnel texture.  Fleshlight Pink Butt (Destroya) Super Skin Material Sizing Listed Below

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