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Fleshpump by Fleshlight

Price: $155.990000 | Brand: Fleshlight
Do you want to increase and enhance your sex life?! Adding a penis pump to your collection can assist you. The Fleshpump by Fleshlight is a automatic vacuum pump that does the work for you.    Electric Pump will vacuum your penis safely and comfortably. It will draw blood into your cock including the shaft and the head and assist with making a rock hard cock. It’s easy to use with only 2 buttons, 1 for pumping and 1 for a quick release.    Donut Sleeve so it’s non descript which makes it suitable for any man.    Clear Cylinder so you can watch your penis grow. Visual stimulation is very important and a real turn on.    USB Rechargeable no batteries are required, and you know you will have the power when you want it.    Compatible with Sleeves with 2.75″ to 3.75″ sleeves Fleshpump by Fleshlight is an automatic pump which vacuums your junk to provide you with a more improved performance.  Electric Pump Donut Sleeve Clear Cylinder USB Rechargeable Compatible with Sleeves  

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