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Four Seasons Glow in the Dark Lubricant 100ml

Price: $8.490000 | Brand: Four Seasons Condoms
For an Enlightening Experience! Four Seasons Personal Lubricant is an ideal lubrication supplement. A clear light gel that looks and feels like your own natural lubrication. Four Seasons Water based Lubricant is a clear, cool, natural feeling gel that increases sensitivity for both you and your partner. ● Ideal for use with condoms ● Non greasy ● Natural Lubricant Supplement ● Looks and feels natural ● Water soluble ● This product is not a contraception Please note: The tube will glow in the dark, not the lube as this would mean extra chemicals in the lube. (yuck!) This product appeared in Australian Cosmopolitan Magazine November 2010 issue, scoring a 9/10!

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