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G Whizz – G-Spot Vibe

Price: $19.990000 | Brand: Lovetoy
Weather you have found that beautiful yet sometimes elusive G-Spot or not this compact G-Spot vibe will assist you in finding it each and every time with ease and of course pleasure. G-Spot Vibrators are designed a little different than vaginal stimulation vibrators. The G-Spot is hiding a little bit so the vibe needs to have a unique curve in the tip so that it can reach the right spot. The G-Whizz G-Spot Vibe not only has that lovely curve it also has a slight flexibility in the head and shaft so that you can move the vibe around comfortably and with ease. Compact Size which is ideal for anyone who is new to adult toys or if you prefer a gentler appreciate to your exploration. The total length including the controls is 12cm with the width at the curve at 2.5cm. Silicone Material is smooth and gentle against your skin and the shaft is completely silicone, only the control button at the end is made from strong ABS plastic. Waterproof for shower fun, just make sure you keep the battery compartment nice and tightly closed to make sure no water gets in. In the shower is a perfect time to play around alone and move your body into different positions and find exactly what you’re looking for. We suggest a little water based lubricant, especially if you are new to toy fun as lubricant can assist in the pleasure you will receive.The G-Whizz G-Spot Vibe is an ideal starter G toy for any girl. G-Spot Vibrator Compact Size Silicone Material Waterproof

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