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Glas – Honey Dripper Anal Slider

Price: $29.990000 | Brand: Glas Toys
Handmade and original just for you grab your hands on the Glas – Honey Dripper Anal Slider Glas Adult Toys are such a joy to play with. You can heat them up with hot water and/or you can cool them down in the fridge or cool water for that extra cool feeling. Glass as it is, is cool to the touch when you add that little extra it can provide more fun playtime. All Glas toys are handmade and hypoallergenic.   Honey Dripper Anal Slider has a great shape for the P-Spot as well as the G-Spot which means you can use it anally or vaginally it’s up to you. With a full size of 17cm and a tapered tip for easy insertion going to the bulbous size of 4cm in width then down to 2cm in width.    Use any lube you fancy and cleaning is a breeze. Glas – Honey Dripper Anal Slider with tasteful and delighful colour and shape the honey dripper is sure to delight.  Glas Adult Toys Honey Dripper Anal Slider        

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