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GlassTix – Rattle Tail Glass Butt Plug

Price: $37.490000 | Brand: NMC Sex Toys
Glass toys offer their own unique sensations because they are truly smooth. There are no seams, joins or ridges in the surface, like many plastic and silicone toys, and the density of the material is entirely different. Once you have experienced glass you will understand its appeal and hold your special pieces sacred. Glass Toys can be Warmed or Cooled prior to use to create a range of different sensations. If you would like to surprise your partner with a warm or cool toy, simply let it rest in a bowl of warm or cold water prior to use. In Addition to its Superior Hygiene Properties, Glass Toys are Completely Waterproof and Silent. No more wondering if waterproof toys are truly waterproof. No more hunting for batteries or distracting buzzing. You can fully immerse and submerse yourself, at will. And when you are done your toy is easily sanitised with toy cleaner, boiling water or the top rack of your dishwasher. Because glass is non-porous, clean up is easier than ever. The GlassTix Rattle Tail is 17.8cm Long with a Clever Curve and five spectacular ridges. It is curved to stimulate the prostate and has tapered end for easy insertion. It has an extended handle for solo or partner use and is great for customers who appreciate good thrusting. To make you feel extra special, and to facilitate a level of discretion, the GlassTix Rattle Tail comes with a velvety storage pouch. This pouch will ensure that you toy isn’t scratched or otherwise damaged while not in use. As always, we recommended the use of a quality lubricant with this product. Glass products are suited to a wide range of lubricants and you are encouraged to experiment until you find the product that is right for you.Rattle your tail with this delightfully smooth and divinely shaped glass piece. If you have not explored the benefits of glass, indulging yourself with a high quality, shatterproof piece for special occasions is a worthy investment. Made from hygienic pyrex, this toy is smooth and shatterproof Retains heat and cold for exploring new sensations Waterproof for added versatility Curved shaft with tapered beads for extra stimulation Comes with convenient storage bag / travel pouch

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