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Good Head – Party Pack (5 Piece Kit)

Price: $49.990000 | Brand: Doc Johnson Sex Toys
By bringing something as simple as the Good Head – Party Pack (5 Piece Kit) into the bedroom you can spice up your sexy sessions. Vibrating Cock Ring which are designed to provide you both some extra loving. Keeping the penis harder for longer and those vibrations flowing. Slick Head Glide with a different flavour of Frosted Cake, now who doesn’t like liking the frosting of a cake. Put this on your fun bits and watch how quickly your lover licks it clean. Mini Anal Plug is a just a wee little thing and suitable for anyone who would like to mix it up a bit. Oral Delight Gel Cotton Candy flavour, well tickle me pink and let me shiver with your mouth and tongue cleaning the gel from my body. Helping Hand Masturbator helper is a rubber little toy that you slide onto the cock and you can squeeze and play with whilst you provide a hand job. Good Head – Party Pack (5 Piece Kit) has a few little fun things to bring to the bedroom to make it a little party for 2 (or more). Vibrating Cock Ring Slick Head Glide Mini Anal Plug Oral Delight Gel Helping Hand Masturbator

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