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Handsome Up Penis Pump

Price: $45.490000 | Brand: Not Specified
Pump up your penis to a satisfying length and girth with this reputable penis pump.  This penis pump exercise stimulates cell tissue and blood circulation.  With regular daily use the penis tissue therefore grows and activates sexual energy.  It assists in treating undersized penis, premature ejaculation and impotence in men.  It also aids in the prevention of gential aging, shrinkage and loss of function.  All these benefits with no side effects or medicine, injections or operations. The Cylinder Flask’s maximine lenth is 20cm and the internal circumference is 18cm.  This accomodates the majority of male sizes.  Place the hose and air bulb to the nipple end of the tube.  Attach the Most Appropriate Rubber Cuff for your size to the opening of the transparent tube and push the center of the cuff so it becomes flat.  Apply a small amount of lube on the center of the cuff and insert the penis.  Hold the tube with one hand and the hand pump in the other and start pumping.  Take notice of the measurements on the tube and stop pumping when the penis enlarges by 3cm or until there is no air left in the cylinder flask. If the penis pump is used daily for just 10 minutes, permanent results will be felt within 2 weeks of use.  Full instructions are contained in the box.  Please note petroleum based lubricants are not to be used with this product. Keeping the device hygienic is easy.  Simply wash with warm soapy water and use antibacterial toy cleaner all over the pieces.  Allow it to air dry completely before storing away for next time.Create an instantly larger and stronger erection with this Handsome Penis Pump. The Handsome Up Penis Pump is an internationally patented device and is the most safest and effective non-medical way for treating underdeveloped male genitilia and degenerating sexual capability. Calibrated flask with hand pump 20cm long with a 18cm internal circumference Quick release valve 3 sizes of cuff for the perfect fit Includes a sample of lube

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