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Heavenly Nights Body Sauce – Chocolate and Mexican Coffee – 125ml

Price: $13.490000 | Brand: Heavenly Nights
Heavenly nights chocolate and Mexican coffee fudge flavoured body sauce. Indulge yourself with this rich luxurious chocolate body sauce, flavoured with passion. This extravagant blend is best served on your partner’s body.Have you ever fantasized about painting your lover and making them look and feel like a work of art? Whether you enjoy oral pleasures or simply just wish to try something new, this decadent body sauce will satisfy even the fussiest oral connoisseur. This delectable and succulently smooth tasting body sauce is perfect as is or simply scrumptious slightly warmed. This very enjoyable body sauce comes with complete instructions that will allow you to apply a layer of appetizing dessert all over your lover’s body. Made from the finest ingredients, including real liqueurs Warming flavoured body sauce Water soluble & Safe for use with condoms

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