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Her – Kegel Kit

Price: $49.990000 | Brand: California Exotic Novelties
Unfortunately, not all women think about exercising their pelvic floor muscles as it isn’t a muscle that we see so it can be left unattended. We have to stop this and learn more about our bodies and how we can improve them for ourselves. Silicone Kegel Balls are a great way to start to get your pelvic floor muscles working. You simply slide them in and contract your muscles on a regular basis. If you need to you can add a little lube to them to insert them. There is an easy to use retrieval cord at the end for pulling them out but after a while of exercising and building up your muscles you won’t need the retrieval cord as you will be able to push them out by yourself. This is when you go to the next level. Silver Kegel Balls are up next as they have a little more weight in them and no retrieval cord. Again, you simple pop them inside and make sure you continue to flex those muscles. By this stage your muscles would have improved so you shouldn’t have the fear of them falling out. You can feel that they are inside and you can feel every contraction of the muscle that you do. Then to take them out use those wonderful tighter muscles and push them out. If you have a little trouble at first you can always take them out manually if needed. Multi-Speed Stimulator can be used anytime you want some extra stimulation. With speeds from low to high it will provide you with internal sensations but you can also use it on your clitoris if you like as well. It has an easy to use remote control that you can fit and control with just one hand.  Her Kegel Kit has everything you need to get started in increasing your pelvic floor muscles. Silicone Kegel Balls Silver Kegel Balls Mulit-Speed Stimulator

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