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Hers – Anal Kit

Price: $45.990000 | Brand: California Exotic Novelties
Not all women are interested in anal enjoyment and as such are missing out on a wonderful liberating and orgasmic experience. It’s not such a taboo sexual experience anymore and with this more people both male and female are wanting to experiment and the Hers – Anal Kit is perfect for the girls. Silicone Rocker Probe is a distinctive shape designed for the ultimate pleasure and is perfect for the beginner. The total size is 12cm with a total width of 2.5cm, the tip of the rocker is nice and small so insertion is easy and comfortable and then increases down to the base. The handle has a flared base that is ideal for any bum toy to provide ease of use and safety when playing. Silicone Anal Beads with 7 balls along the strip starting from tiny weanie to 2cm. Depending on how you want to start with anal enjoyment you can simply start with one bead inserted and work your way up to the whole string. But you will be surprised how comfortable you feel slowly inserting the beads into your bum that you will want to continue all the way. Some people find it enjoyable to wear the beads for an extended amount of time whilst others just play with them during playtime. Silicone Glider Probe is basically a butt plug that is a bit thinner so that the novice will enjoy the benefits of straight sex toy insertion. It has a tapered tip which means that it is slim and pointy and gradually increases in width to 2.5cm. Multi-Speed Stimulator is for when you really want to play and get that big O. With so many nerve endings in the anal area vibration is increased and so is the pleasure. The stimulator is corded with hand held controls so that once you plug in you can sit back and take control of your pleasures. Always use a water based lube for the most enjoyable experience and clean all toys after play time. Hers – Anal Kit is the perfect starter kit for HER to enjoy and experience the wonders of anal pleasure. Silicone Rocker Probe Silicone Anal beads Silicone Glider Probe Multi-speed Stimulator

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