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Hollow PPA Silicone Probe with Jock Strap (White)

Price: $64.990000 | Brand: California Exotic Novelties
If you have ever wanted to add a bit more to your length and girth the Hollow Silicone Probe is the adult toy that will fit and rise to the occasion. Hollow Silicone Probe which is a decent size if 19cm in full length and 15.5cm for the fun internal length. Hollow so you pop your penis in whether it’s a little soft or if you have ER or just a bit smaller than the probe for that extra playfulness for yourself and your partner. The width is quite decent at 4.5cm as well. Jock Strap which is stretchy and it has a thick waist for an ultra-comfortable fit with a solid metal O ring to make sure your probe stays put whilst you’re having fun. Silicone Material with a Hard Head which is where you really want the hardness to be which of course is best for penetration. The hollow shaft has some flexibility and softness for you for comfort and pleasure as well. Use a little water based lube when playing to really add to the fun and wash your toys after use to make sure they stay hygienically clean and last many years.Hollow Silicone Probe with Jock Strap to give that little bit extra when and if you need it. Hollow Silicone Probe Jock Strap Silicone Material with a Hard Head

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