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Inspire – Silicone Dilator 5 pc Set

Price: $99.990000 | Brand: California Exotic Novelties
Unfortunately, pelvic floor muscles can become a little or a lot week from either not enough exercise or from child birth using a Dilator Kit will assist you to strengthen your muscles without any evasive measures. 5 Piece Dilator Kit for gradual dilation, you start with the smallest dilator and work your way to the largest. You can take your time and work at a comfortable pace that you set yourself. We suggest using a good quality water based lubricant especially to get you started with your exercises and see how you go. The dilators all have a tapered tip for easy insertion and an O ring at the end for easy retrieval or if you want to get a little bit more adventures you can slide a vibrator in the ring to receive some vibrations down the line, which can be extremely enjoyable. 5 Different Sizes: 7.5 x 1.25cm 9 x 2cm 10.75 x 2cm 12.75 x 2.5cm 14 x 3.25cm Start with the larger dilator and work your way to the smallest. If your muscles are very weak, take your time and don’t rush it and don’t become disheartened if things don’t happen straight away as they are just not going to. It takes time for your muscles to strengthen even more time if they have been damaged but by using a dilator kit you have taken the first step in improving your health and wellbeing. High Quality Silicone Material with no unattractive seams and silicone is a beautiful smooth and silky material that is very pleasurable to use. Portion of Proceeds go to Living Beyond Breast CancerInspire Dilator Kit to assist in restoring weak pelvic floor muscles. 5 Piece Dilator Kit 5 Different Sizes High Quality Silicone Material Portion of Proceeds go to Living Beyond Breast Cancer

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