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Inspire – Weighted Silicone Kegel Training Kit

Price: $99.990000 | Brand: California Exotic Novelties
When it comes to our pelvic floor muscles some of us can become a little slack with exercising them and this doesn’t benefit your health or your sexual prowess. Every muscle in your body needs to be exercised and some can provide you intense pleasure if you look after them…yes, your pelvic floor muscles. Kegel Training or pelvic floor exercises are designed to strengthen your muscles for a number of reasons whether you are wanting to improve your muscles before/after having a baby or for the sexual gratification that it can provide. 3 Piece Set Progressive Weighted Exercises with the smaller size of 45g to get you started following on with the 60g and when your muscles are really strong and you feel that you are ready you go onto the heavier trainer at 80g. The weights don’t sound like much but when you are wearing them internally and only using your pelvic floor muscles to keep them you have to remember to work at your muscles at the same time. You can’t just stick them in and think that they are going to give you a workout. You have to clench your muscles around the kegel. Don’t forget, this can also be extremely sexually arousing for a lot of women. Perfect Premium Silicone Material is ideal for all adult toys and the Inspire range have the most delightful highest grade silicone so that you feel the complete comfort when using any of their products. Waterproof and Easy Clean just simply wash with water and anti-bacterial toy cleaner. Pretty in pink and all things sweet, that is what you will find with the stylish Inspire Kegel Training Kit. Kegel Training 3 Piece Set Progressive Weighted Exercises Perfect Premium Silicone Material Waterproof and Easy Clean

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