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INYA – Opal (Purple)

Price: $43.990000 | Brand: NS Novelties
The INYA – Opal vibe will fit very comfortably in just one hand with ease. The controls on the handle of the vibe are easy to use with just one finger, and you will have control of all your pleasures.  Small & Compact Flexible Vibrator with a handy size of 11cm in total and 5cm for if you wish to insert it. Play a little with a bit internally and then on your happy clit and achieve the pleasure you desire. The flexible shaft assists with being able to more your vibe around your body just to add to the playfulness.  Rippled Silicone Material has a soft feel to it but still has the firmness so that you can provide direct pressure to the right spot.   Multiple Speeds to assist with teasing and pleasing you. Start of low and work your way to the higher level and receive the outcome you desire.  USB Rechargeable pop it on charge overnight for your first time and then it will be ready for some quality alone time. Also the perfect size to play with when you’re with your partner.  INYA – Opal small and compact ripple vibrator with flexible shaft for added directional level.   Small & Compact Flexible Vibrator  Rippled Silicone Material  Multiple Speeds  USB Rechargeable 

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