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Japanese Drip Candles

Price: $15.490000 | Brand: Doc Johnson Sex Toys
Drip candles are especially for sexy couples who like to have a little pleasure and pain fun. 3 Coloured Drip Candles in red, blue and black which 15cm in total length. Wax fun is extremely pleasurable, lighting a candle a slowly dripping the wax onto your lovers body can be a liberating experience for both. Especially if you mix it up a little and have your partner tide up to the bed and blindfolded. They don’t know what going to happening but they know it’s going to be something kinky and fun. When playing with candles always make sure you play safely. Don’t leave the lit candles unattended and check to make sure neither of you have allergies to candle wax.    Japanese Drip Candles 3 Coloured Drip Candles

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