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Jimmyjane Intimate Care Menstrual Cups – Clear

Price: $35.990000 | Brand: Jimmyjane
We all want to save the environment any way that we can,and with the Jimmyjane Intimate Care Menstrual Cups we can do that as well as looking after our health and save money all at the same time. Menstrual Cups are designed to easily and safely be used instead of nasty tampons or pads. Feel completely secure in knowing that they won’t move, spill, or fall out they will stay in place until you want to take them out. 2 Piece Set one for a light flow and one for a heavy flow. The sizes are 14ml and 21ml. Body Safe Silicone so that even if you have sensitive skin they will work with you. Save money and time by not having to shop for you hygiene products every month. Easy to use, safe to use and easy to clean.Jimmyjane Intimate Care Menstrual Cups are the environmental friendly way to look after yourself and the environment and of course your body and wallet by saving money as well. Menstrual Cups 2 Piece Set Body Safe Silicone

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