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JO Clitoral Stimulant Gel – Spicy

Price: $25.490000 | Brand: System JO
Want to take your orgasm to the next level? This JO Clitoral Gel – Spicy will help you get there. A small dab carefully placed at the right spot will enhance every movement, every tingle and every tickle all for your enjoyment! For those that may find achieving orgasm difficult, the right tools and lotions can go a long way in helping you get the Big O. This gel carefully applied on the clitoris can assist you in getting over the finishing line in a big way. Whether going it solo or with a partner, a small amount of this gel will stimulate blood into the clitoral area making it more sensitive to touch. Even a small breath of cool air on your hot spot will have those tingles moving! With a Gentle Warming Formula, this gel will enable you to fully enjoy any foreplay and sensual encounter that you might come across. With expertly applied fingers, vibe or tongue – the gel will allow you to enjoy what it has to offer for up to 45 mins! Safe for Use with Latex Products such as Condoms, you can be rest assured that you can play hot but play safe all at the same time. This gel will not erode or deteriorate the surface of condoms, making this a great choice for those whose health is of the optimal concern. Silicone Based, the JO Clitoral Gel – Wild, doesn’t contain any nasty ingredients such as hormones or L-Arginine. It is suitable for those with sensitive skin as it is pH balanced, however we do recommend spot testing to ensure your comfort is maintained.For the woman that wants that little bit more…or even a lot more – this gel will have you tickled pink and panting! Dab a bit on your hot spot and wait for the tingles to spread and enhance every tiny movement! Sensationally fantastic! Enhances sensations in the clitoral region Can assist with achieving orgasm Warming formula for those extra hot sessions of play Safe for use with condoms Silicone based – no hormones or L-Arginine

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