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JO H2O Anal Lubricant – Warming (60ml)

Price: $12.990000 | Brand: System JO
Carefully Crafted to be a Premium Water Based Lube, this lusciously thick anal glide provides you with peace of mind that it is the perfect anal-sex companion for comfort and absolute anal-sex pleasure. This sensational anal lube is one of the thickest, water-based formulas in existence. Absorbing exceptionally quickly, the relaxing effect comes into play almost immediately. You can apply this warming lubricant to the anus just before play, allowing only a couple of minutes to absorb. After absorption it won’t desensitize your playmates throbbing cock so you both can enjoy a satisfying anal experience. This Incredible and Unique Lube feels like a Silicone Lube. It is so silky and luxurious when applied. It has been specifically designed to be long lasting, and is 100% water-soluble which means you can use it with all your favourite toys. Using this captivating warming lubricant will enhance sensuality and add a phenomenal new level to your foreplay and sex. This product provides the user with a water-based, ultra long-lasting, thick lube which contains subtle warming agents to ensure you’re left tingling and ready for action. This Lube is Designed to be Smooth, Thick and Sleek Without being Sticky. It has been developed to bring pleasure to both women and men and will definitely boost your lover’s response to your sweet caresses or delightfully hard thrusting. This sensual anal lube can be used for all skin-to-skin interaction. The beauty of this product is that it is made from premium quality body safe ingredients and is an exceptional lube that provides solo-players and lovers with a long-lasting wetness. By the addition of gentle warming agents this lubricant will definitely enhance your sexual encounter. Being a Thick Water-Based Lube Means you can still Use Condoms with this product. This premium anal sex lube is compatible with condoms and all your sex toys for multifaceted and thrilling anal adventures.This phenomenal warming anal lube is an absolute essential for lovers of anal toys and anal sex. This unique formula is sleek and smooth, long lasting and mega thick. It is perfectly safe to use with all anal toys, even your favourite silicone ones! Just apply a large dollop to your toys or anus before sex for an extremely slippery, long-lasting and comfortable experience. This new lubricant is suitable for use with latex condoms, and the warming agents in the lube help to elevate your physical response to touch. Formulated with a gently stimulating, warming ingredient this lube makes every caress feel more erotic, making you writhe in absolute pleasure. It comes in a handy easily squeezable tube, so applying this sensational lube is absolutely mess and hassle free. Water-based lubricant for long-lasting, extra pleasurable anal sex Silicone-feel for increased cushioning and longevity Non-sticky feeling provides comfort and enjoyment A warming and long-lasting formula reduces need for reapplication Condom-friendly

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