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Josh Moore

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Josh Moore is an Englishman recognized as one of U.S. porn’s sexiest gay imports. With his chiseled body and thick British accent, he’s a dream come true for loads of men across the globe. A fitness instructor by trade, Josh’s lean, muscular build, hairy chest, and striking tattoos make him a hot commodity in the industry today. Hailing from the seaside town of Dover, England, where he was born and raised, Josh was always curious about porn growing up. “I’ve always loved my body and have always been an exhibitionist. One day I looked around, and I was unhappy with my life and my job, so I thought, why not give it a try?” Josh Moore considers sex and porn to be VERY empowering – to have a career that centers on giving and receiving pleasure is a dream come true for the British stud. Sexual education is also a subject Mr. Moore is highly passionate about. In fact, in one of his films at, he and his then-boyfriend (fellow Fleshjack Boy) Ricky Roman incorporate education on both gay sex and the adult gay industry at large. Currently, this uncut, OnlyFans trailblazer is the winner of last year’s Str8 Up Gay Porn’s Best Lead Actor award. With a combined six years in the industry, he’s only just getting started!

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