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Kama Sutra Aromatic Massage Oil Pleasure Garden – 200ml

Price: $26.490000 | Brand: Kama Sutra
These enchanting formulas have been infused with pure essential oils, artfully blended for an enticing fragrance and a powerful effect on mind, body and spirit. Fortified with skin-nourishing Vitamin E, each non-greasy oil has been highly sought after by massage professionals world wide. Note: For external use only. Available blends: Pleasure Garden – Aromatic mix of pure essential oils for sensual and seductive intimacy. Essential oils include: italian jasmine, rose, lavender and sandalwood Healing Blend – Try a little tenderness to ease weary mind and muscles with this silky massage oil drenched in pure essential oils. Breathe in the calming bouquets of lavender, cardamom, rosemary, marjoram. Purify with the essences of elemi, clary, sage, black pepper, clove, nutmeg and experience the woodsy aroma of juniper and pine. Feel your spirit revive and thoughts sharpen. Sweet Almond – Sensual combination of calming oils designed for relaxing and de-stressing. Soaring Spirit – Feel the rejuvinating scent and power of Soaring Spirit, restoring energy and balance. Pure essential oils of orange and lemon dispel low spirits. Peppermint, spearmint, geranium, ginger and fennel clear and refresh thought, while a gentle sensual hint of rose promotes inner harmony. Serenity – Soothing mixture of pure essential oils for quieting the body and soul. Essentials oils include: cedar, sweet marjoram, neroli, orange, tangerine and lavender. Romance your lover with an aromatic massage filled with love and tenderness. Beautiful aromas Pure essential oils Vitamin E

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