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Kama Sutra Sensual Lubricant Love Liquid – 100ml

Price: $22.490000 | Brand: Kama Sutra
This lube is consistently popular with many lube lovers around the country. If you’re looking to treat someone to something lush and great feeling, this lube is a winner. This lubricant has a great smoothness that comes from its signature silky formula, which also contributes to its long lasting effects – requiring minimal reapplications, unlike other fast drying brands. Lovely Lubes – Kama Sutra produces beautiful lubes and body products that pamper the body and add extra zing to romantic evenings. In the case of this lube, we’ve found it to be a good all-rounder! As perfect for special occasions as it is for everyday wanks, spanks and more. Being water-based and latex-safe, your favourite toys are fine to use with this lube at any point – though so are condoms! So it doesn’t matter if you’re playing alone or with a partner (maybe partners!), this will suit your requirements. Especially as it feels lovely for skin-to-skin contact too. Ready When You Need It – The handy bottle has a small flip top lid, suited to use with this product as you should only require a small amount in each application to achieve the slickness and moistness desired. The slim, squared bottle is handy for storing in the bathroom, or lying flat in a bedside draw – and is thus a bit easier to keep discreet than large round tubes!  This is a lush, water-based lubricant that suits those looking for a silky smooth lube that can be used as a convenient all-rounder as it’s body-safe, latex/condom safe and toy-safe. 100ml Flip-top lid Water-based Latex safe, toy safe

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