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Kegel Training Set – Lemon

Price: $32.990000 | Brand: California Exotic Novelties
The lovely silicone Kegel Training Set – Lemon has a unique colour with an added advantage of the double balls. Dual Kegel Balls which means that you not only have a singular ball you have two. Both of which equals to the weight of each of the balls in the set. The weight is split into the two balls to provide you with a unique sensation. 60 grams & 100 grams – the 60 grams is ideal for strength training if your muscles just need that little extra fine tuning or if you have been using lighter weighted balls. Then the 100 grams is when they are almost getting to their peak level. Silicone Material that is smooth, seductive and silky.Kegel Training Set – Lemon has 2 kegel balls is a dual kegal ball with different weights in that little twist of lemon colour. Dual Kegel Balls 60 grams & 100 grams Silicone Material

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