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Kegel Training Set – Strawberry

Price: $89.990000 | Brand: California Exotic Novelties
This lovely set of Kegel Training Set – Strawberry is super cute with the strawberry design and with 6 different balls you will have the perfect set from start to stop. 6 Weighted Kegel Balls with an easy to use retrieval cord which makes it easy for any woman to use. Including the beginner to the more advanced. Who says that exercising can’t be fun with this happy little kit. 45 – 60 – 75 – 90 -105 -115 grams, providing you the lightest balls for the beginner with less than strong muscles. Then you can gradually move to the next level once you have achieved a little more strength in your pelvic floor. With 6 different weights you have every level you need to achieve the best strength you can. Smooth Silicone is super silky and such a pleasant feeling on and in your body. It’s like being spoilt when and where you deserve it the most. Waterproof of course, you can wear your beads anywhere at any time without anyone knowing.Kegel Training Set – Strawberry is a set of 6 different weighted and sized kegels balls in a fun design of strawberries. 6 Weighted Kegel Balls 45 grams 60 grams 75 grams 90 grams 105 grams 115 grams Smooth Silicone Waterproof

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