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King-Sized – Anal Ripples

Price: $49.990000 | Brand: Lovetoy
This one is for the advanced anal toy player, not for beginners. Big Arse Anal Dildo and we mean big. The Legendary King sized anal ripples is 27cm in total length, this includes the suction base. The internal length is up to a whopping 23cmm remember you don’t have to take the whole thing in the first time if you are working your way up to bigger anal toys. The width is more than a handful at 6.5cm 28cm circumference. Best to get the tape measure out and really see the size of this big boy. Anal Ripples will provide some major texture stimulation. First you have the head of course on top, then moves down to the next ripple then to the next providing you pleasure as well as a guide on what level you are at on the anal ripple. Suction Base for sticking to any surface, floor, wall, tiles in the bathroom for when you want to play in the shower. Anywhere you can think of to ride this big boy hard or slowly glide him in and work your way to the level of pleasure you are wanting. Lube it up, make sure you put plenty of water based lube on such a big bum toy. This will provide easier insertion and a lot more enjoyment out of this sex toy. Make sure you clean the Anal Ripples after each use. It’s best to use an anti-bacterial toy cleaner and water for the best clean. Store in a clean and dry place and it will be ready for your next playtime. Legendary King Sized Anal Ripples is a BIG ARSE ANAL DILDO BIG Arse Anal Dildo Anal Ripples Suction Base

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