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King-Sized – Anal Shocker

Price: $31.990000 | Brand: Lovetoy
Anal Shocker – I love the names on some of the toys available as they really can give you an accurate feel of what they are all about and also make you a little horny at the same time. Yeap, this really is a shocker (but in a big bad hot way)! Big Anal Plug Length – the total length of the Anal Shocker is 18cm from the very tip which of course is tapered, to the flared base. But the important part is how much can go in, and that’s an awesome 12cm till you reach the plug and the good sized flared based. Big Anal Plug Width – Now for the width, with a starting point of 10cm in circumference the Anal Shocker is for the more advanced. Especially as it doubles in circumference to the bottom at 20cm. Yeap, it’s a big boy and one you will want to make sure you have lots of water based lube on to make sure you have the most enjoyable and orgasmic bum fun you can have. Material – Made from PVC with no phthalates it is firm with a good weight of 500gms but it has some flexibility to play with as well. Keep it clean – Always clean all your toys after use with anti-bacterial toy cleaner and store in a safe dry location. Legendary King Sized Anal Shocker perfect for anyone who really wants to be filled! Big Anal Plug Length Big Anal Plug Width Material Keep it clean

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