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Kink – Silicone Ankle Cuffs

Price: $149.990000 | Brand: Doc Johnson Sex Toys
The Kink – Silicone Ankle Cuffs are for when you want to get real with your bondage gear and add to your collection some real quality toys. Ankle Cuffs will keep your partner exactly where you want them. Legs open, legs closed, standing still, laying back oh there are so many thoughts going through my head at the moment with the fun that can be had with heavy duty ankle cuffs. Also included are padlocks to lock them up. Superior Design for those who know that they deserve quality and style in the bondage gear. Super Silicone Material smooth and seductive, yet strong and secure you won’t surpass on the quality grade silicone with the Kink Ankle CuffsKink – Silicone Ankle Cuffs are of high quality made for full restraint heavy duty play time. Ankle Cuffs Superior Design Super Silicone Material

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