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Kink – Silicone Wrist Cuffs

Price: $124.990000 | Brand: Doc Johnson Sex Toys
The Kink – Silicone Wrist Cuffs are not only extremely attractive but they are also heavy and ready to play hard. Wrist Cuffs with a total length of 27.9cm and width of 7.6cm these awesome heavy duty cuffs are adjustable to fit most. The total weight is just over 1/2kg which is unlike other cuffs. This can assist in making sure your lover isn’t moving anywhere you don’t want them to. Black & Red Design with the black cuffs and the red central strip it’s not hard to see how attractive they are. They also have a padlock for each wrist. Super Silicone Material that’s made to last and also feel comfortable on the body and the skin, and makes cleaning a snap.Kink – Silicone Wrist Cuffs are some heavy duty cuffs for when you’re really wanting to keep your lover restrained. Wrist Cuffs Black & Red Design Super Silicone Material

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