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L’Amourose – Vera Massager (Cerise)

Price: $139.990000 | Brand: L’Amourose
Why not treat yourself to an abundance of pleasure with the stylish Vera Massager. A Compact Massager that is also light weight and beautifully styled that fits welcoming into your hand. The controls are on the side for ease and you can easily move the massager to any of your erogenous zones to give you the pleasure that you desire. Silicone where it really matters the most, at the touch of the skin. Silky smooth and seductive all in one. The ABS to provide you with total control of the ergonomical design for ease of movement. 4 Hours of Play at the medium setting is achievable with only a 1.5 hours charge. That is a lot of play time. So you can easily play for hours on any setting, start low and enjoying the teasing pleasure then work your way up. 3 Months of Stand-By means that it won’t need a charge if you haven’t used it in 3 months. But I am sure once you start playing with this new toy you will want to continue to do so on a regular basis. Rechargeable with a very convenient docking station that you can recharge you Vera Massager any time that is required. 12 Speeds with 6 Vibration Levels is sure to get you in a tither, but in a good way. Remember, you have a lot of play hours available to you with just one full charge. Waterproof means fun in the shower either alone or with a lover can add that little extra kick that you need in the morning before work, or the relaxing time when you get home. 18 Month Warranty is fantastic and just assures you that not only does the manufacture know that it is a good quality product but they are spreading that love over 18 months.  The L’Amourose Range is prestigious style and quality in adult toys. Introducing the Vera Massager a rechargeable compact personal massager to please the most luxurious parts of your body. Compact Massager Silicone and ABS 4 Hours of Play 3 Months on Stand-By Rechargeable with Docking Station 12 Speeds and 6 Vibration Selections Waterproof 18 Month Warranty

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