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Large Weighted C-Ring Ball Stretcher

Price: $16.990000 | Brand: California Exotic Novelties
Tantalise Tug and Tease your balls with the Large Weighted C-Ring Ball Stretcher, an ultimate piece made for all your ball tugging, cock hugging dreams. Get it hard and keep it hard with a patented design that is sure to impress.  57g of Stretching Power the Ball Stretcher has four iron weights embedded into the silicone for a substantial pull on your balls, whilst allowing a free swing whilst you thrust or pull or play.  Stretchy and Comfortable Silicone, none of that digging and pinching crap! The C ring is made from luxurious silicon in a universal, adjustable design.  Heavy Duty Hardware the C Ring Ball Stretcher is a handsome looking piece that not only provides a bulky bulge but will keep you going, stronger and longer. There is a reason these bad boys are a favourite! Have “weighted” around for the perfect C Ring? Look no further! The Large Weighted C-Ring Ball Stretcher is a major player in the sex game, extending your erection for longer, stronger play and ready to pull you (and your balls) into a earthshaking finish! 57g of Stretching Power Stretchy and Comfortable Silicone  Heavy Duty Hardware

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